First of all we sanded down all flakey paint from the exterior wall, once the wall was prepped we applied a stablilizing product using a sprayer. Once left for twenty four hours to dry it was ready to paint with a brilliant white exterior mortar paint.
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The Nottingham Maintenance team were instructed to restore and paint a rotten and damaged timber window frame.    To do this the existing glass had to be removed and a new frame constructed using the existing good timber and new. Once the woodwork was complete the frame was sanded down, painted and the glass reinserted. Our qualified staff made light work of this joinery producing a fantastic finish for the client   If you require joinery or woodwork in the Nottingham or East Midlands area, please don't hesitate to contact our team for a free quotation.
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As part of our service package, Nottingham Maintenance also have a Cherry Picker at their disposal- For those jobs where a ladder just doesn't quite cut it.     High rise flats office buildings are no longer a headache for you if maintenance is required on or around your building.  If you are in the Midlands area and would like a free quotation then please don't hesitate to contact our team.
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NM Services is proud to announce we have been awarded the Safe Contractor Scheme.   safecontractor is the fastest growing health and safety accreditation scheme in the UK, with more than 200 major clients and over 18,000 contractor members.Registered members with the safecontractor scheme include clients and contractors from a wide range of professional disciplines working within a number of industry sectors.With its increasing membership and growing profile in the UK, the safecontractor scheme is now used by many large organisations as a way of obtaining competent contractors
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Replacing fire doors at Carlton Forum Leisure Centre, 30min fire doors with port viewing panels fitted and varnished.


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